Whether solo in collaboration with co-composers, Andrew’s compositions first connect with the director’s intentions and consistently bring a resounding elevation of emotional content and context to the film’s intent and impact.  Typical work flows have film makers present mostly completed video files which are imported into a Pro Tools audio workstation.  Ideas are discussed and passed back and forth until each segment has the music it needs to complement the director’s intent. 

Co-composer Chad Brunet and Andrew McLean have been collaborating in music since 1991 as a part of Braintree in Covington Louisiana.  Key performances in the later 1990’s established their duo as a distict side project from their larger creative outfit Braintree & despite geographic distances have continued composing together including the soundtrack for Julie Bayer-Salzman and Josh Salzman’s Just Breathe which aired on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday in April 2015.